11th March 2023 - 28th March 2023

Will Calver - A Collection of Still Life Paintings 2023

It has been three years since Will held his debut solo exhibition in the New Craftsman Gallery. Since that spring of 2020, he has been painting full time from his studio in the South East of England, exploring the genre of still life painting and honing his craft, whilst exhibiting between Cornwall, London, Bath and Cape Cod. 

This exhibition comprises fifteen paintings, each an investigation of quotidian subjects found around his home, garden, and the rural world in which it is set. His paintings combine a minimalistic design with a more classical sense of form and atmosphere, resulting in a sense of subtle presence, stillness and balance. Whilst he is predominantly self-taught, Will's technique is informed in part by the tenets of academic painting and the methods of still life painters throughout history. This collection is a continuation of the artist’s exploration of the still life genre and the relationship between objects, paint and temporality.

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  • Will Calver A Bowl of Clementines
  • Will Calver A Bowl of Lemons
  • Will Calver Beetroots
  • Will Calver Cooking Apples in Moroccan Bowl
  • Will Calver Flask and Meddler
  • Will Calver Green Apple
  • Will Calver Green Cup and Teaspoon
  • Will Calver Paper Crane and Pebble
  • Will Calver Paper Plane and Pebbles
  • Will Calver Pomegranate and Pebbles
  • Will Calver Spring Onions
  • Will Calver Stacked Cups
  • Will Calver Two Lemons
  • Will Calver Victoria Plums in Ceramic Bowl
  • Will Calver Windfall Quince